Thank you for joining us for events highlighting Maine’s vibrant beer community & culture! We’re already busy planning for next year.

About 207 Beer Week

Crafting Memories, One Pint at a Time

Formerly known as Portland Beer Week, 207 Beer Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to the artistry and craftsmanship of the state’s finest brews from down in Kittery to up in Fort Kent.

The celebration is organized by Maine Brewers’ Guild, a nonprofit organization that serves as the unified voice of Maine’s brewers and the beer industry in Maine.

What to look forward to:

Craft Beer Showcase: Explore an impressive selection of Maine’s craft beers.
Brewery Tours: Meet the brewers, learn their secrets, and witness the magic behind your favorite brews.
Tasting Workshops: Elevate your beer knowledge with expert-led tastings.
Live Entertainment: Move to the sounds of live bands, enjoy outdoor games, and relish delicious food from top-notch vendors.
Exclusive Beer Releases: Be among the first to taste exclusive beer releases created just for 207 Beer Week.

207 Beer Week 2023 has come to an end.

We’re already planning for 2024.

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